Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Emu Bronte Boots For Kids and Teenagers - Are They Even Worth Buying?

Most parents understand that their kids and teenagers want fashionable clothes and footwear once they reach a certain age. The Emu Bronte Boots for kids and teenagers are one of those 'must have fashion items' hitting the shelves this season. Not only are the boots a cheaper option than the now famous Ugg boot, the Emu boot boasts higher quality along with the lower price tag.

So are they worth buying for you kids or teenagers? Will they last for more than 5 minutes (we've all got the broken down ugg replicas) and will they still be fashionable this time next year? With so many questions it's easy to see why some parents are reluctant to by the Emu Bronte Boots.

They might be advertised as being the cheaper version of the Ugg boot, but as parents facing a deepening recession, we need to be careful with money - we know we can pop to most high streets and grab a new pair of shoes or boots for less than a tanner. So when we talk about value and thirty pounds plus, it's still a little daunting.

Although the Emu Boots are made from quality material, some teenagers will still 'break' the structure of the boot to conform with fashion rules within their peer group, whilst others will keep them looking brand new - each case is different. The boots will generally last longer because of their quality materials meaning that they last much longer than the 'cheap' high street versions.

The best thing about the boot is the fact that they are extremely comfortable for young adults and children to wear and their is also the 'twisted ankles' reduction from wearing high heals. Because of this comfort aspect alone, the boots are expected to stay at the top of footwear fashion for some years.