Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Emu Boots - What Are the Benefits of Wearing These?

Emu Boots are relatively young in comparison to Uggs as the company only came into being in 1994. However, the parent company (Jacksons) originally a hide trading and tanning company has been around since 1948.

Originally the company back in the 1970’s was supplying the tanned sheepskin to surfers on Australia's surf coast and then they would make hand made after surf boots for themselves. The company soon realizes what a great market this is for them to get involved in and begins to subcontract to shoe makers. This way they are able to improve not just the quality but the performance of the basic sheepskin boot for surfers to wear.

Then during the 1980's Jacksons the parent company of Emu Boots go into partnership with Brian Smith (a surfer from Australia who now lives in Los Angeles) to supply sheepskin boots in the USA. These are supplied under the brand name that is now synonymous with sheepskin boots, namely Ugg. However, in 1993 UGG Australia is sold to Deckers and this is why in 1994 Jacksons decide to distribute their own brand of boots under the brand name Emu.

The lining of Emu boots is made from Micron 20 which is 100 percent Australian Merino Wool and does not incorporate other wool blends like some of their competitors do. Before being inserted into the boots the wool is knitted into a cotton fabric using 30mm lengths of wool. Then after being knitted it is trimmed back to 20mm, whereas a large number of their competitors use scraping and the off cuts from this process are reused to provide the lining in their boots.

The problem with using this process is that the lining does not tend to cope as well and because they fibers are too short they begin to fall out. So over time eventually they boots won't be able to wick away the moisture and prevent your feet from getting cold. Whereas the wool and process used to produce the lining in Emu boots does. The material used in Emu boots is so effect that it is able to wick away 70% of the moisture that your feet produces so unlike other styles of these boots where synthetic materials are used to line them you don't end up with smelly feet.

The other benefit to be had from you wearing Emu boots over some of the other brands is that they help to main an even body temperature in you throughout the year. So what this means is that during the summer your feel will stay cool and in the winter they will feel warm and cozy when you wear these boots.

The other thing about these boots which unlike Uggs is that Emu boots are still solely produced in Australia whilst others brands are made in countries such as China today. Plus what you will also find is that these boots are relatively inexpensive to purchase as well.

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