Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goodbye Uggs - Hello EMU Bronte

Goodbye Uggs - Hello EMU Bronte

If you find yourself one of the many people who enjoy the look and feel of classic Australian boots, then you will most certainly discover that Emu Bronte boots are the right style that you're looking for. Emu Bronte Boots have become increasingly popular all around the world and have even found themselves on the feet of some of today's hottest TV and Movie Stars including Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz.

Depending on your personal sense of style, the Emu Bronte comes in 3 different variations, Hi, Lo and Mini. All three versions of the boot come in four original colors...Sand, Black, Chocolate and Chestnut. Additional colors for the Emu Bronte Lo are Orange and Orchid Pink while the Emu Bronte Hi comes in three more colors...Orange, Orchid Pink and Grey.

High quality construction includes premium suede upper and a lining produced from 100% Merino wool that give you a level of comfort and warmth that is unparalleled. Designed to be worn without socks, the Merino wool lining has the ability to pull excess moisture off of the feet keeping them dry and comfortable. Lastly, the long lasting and flexible sole, called Eva Emusole gives you traction when it's needed most without compromising style.

One common misconception of many high quality boots including the Emu Bronte are that buying a pair will cost you an arm and a leg. In comparison to other high quality boot manufactures including those from Australia, Emu boots come with a price tag that is significantly lower then expected for such a quality product. This is one of the main factors that contribute to their popularity, even making them a viable option to purchase for children.

Take a moment and try on some Emu Bronte for yourself. I believe your going to find yourself not only surprised, but your going to find yourself a new favorite pair of boots to wear no matter where you go.

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