Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Different between EMU boots and UGG Boots

Different between EMU boots and UGG Boots

Uggs and Emu boots are practically the same, Uggs are the original of their kind and Emu boots are their fancy knockoffs. If you're going to go and get that style of boot, splurge and get the Emu Boots.

Besides the fact that the bronte are cheaper. The Stinger & Manta style EMU boots are referred to as “premium boots” due to their superior construction and comfort. Similar to UGG and Kookaburra boots, these premium boots are made with one solid sheepskin piece all the way through. This means unlike other styles which are made with split suede on the outside, these boots have sheepskin on both the inside and outside. Thus even more comfort and of course a longer lasting boot! Where as......EMU's innovative technology makes happy sheep! EMU marries sheep wool to cow skin and cloth to create a shoe with all the warmth and comfort of other classic sheepskin boots, but with the added durability and water resistance of cow hide. The sole on this boot features a sleek EVA sole with a thin rubber layer for added traction. This boot will most definitely look great and stand up to your active life. Here is the different between them;

EMU boots
Emu boots are warm, good with water
Emu boots is made by a guy who was partners with the original ugg - but left and started emu.
Emu boots is cheaper
Emu boots are really good quality

UGG Boots
• Uggs are warm but not good with water, so if your in the snow a lot then its not good for your uggs, or if you live in WA where it rains A LOT, and if you do get uggs you should buy spray dont worry when you buy the spray they will tell you how often to use it
• Ugg is the original boot.
• Ugg is original (expensive brand)
• Uggs are a bit different in their fabrics

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